Piscinas Sfica

El Verger 03720 (Alicante). Tel: 690 369 054 www.piscinas-sfica.es email:sficaflorin@gmail.com

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Piscinas Sfica
Avda. Valencia Nº 83
(Pol. Industrial, Ctra. Nacional 332)
 03720 El Verger (Alicante)

Tel: 690 369 054

email: sficaflorin@gmail.com

Piscinas Sfica offers armed liner services in

Alicante and Valencia areas

, we have made our specialized services in cities like







Tavernes de la Valldigna























and many others.

Sfica Pool

knows in-depth the technique of

reinforced liner installation

for swimming-pools, using this material for many years. It is an excellent material for covering the inner tank of pool, both for its resistance and price.
armed liner welding The reinforced liner has a lot of proprieties that makes it the most suitable material both for construction and repair. We have long experience in the installation and welding of armed liner, being able to provide a completely professional service with the lowest budget possible because we are working with the best suppliers of liner on the market.

armer liner finishes Pool liners are made of reinforced liner and designed to create a water tight barrier to hold water in a swimming-pool. Welds between layers of liner are made with the patented snap-lock system that offers security lock getting a perfect fitting liner in the corners of the pool. Welds are imperceptibles even in the smallest details, obtaining a perfect aesthetic result.

There is a big difference between a vinyl liner and reinforced liner: the THICKNESS or gauge of the liner. We guarantee that the thickness of our liner is one of the best on the market. Our reinforced liners 150/100 are composed of two layers of reinforced 75/100 PVC welded together, with a polyester fabric between that makes it very resistant. Made from 150/100 our sturdy liners are thicker and more durable than standard liners.

The soft surface looks great, won't scratch your skin and has an easy-to- clean surface.
Many customers inquire as to whether it's practical or even it's possible to install reinforced liner in a pool that was not design for one. Normally these requests come from pool owners that have plaster, concrete or fiberglass swimming-pools that are leaking from setting cracks or other factors. Often they have already tried “painting” or “sealing” but this can be unattractive and ineffective. In response to our customers’ needs we say that it's possible to put reinforced liner in each case and it is the best solution.
liner formats swimming pools The armed liner allows us to make any shape, contour and dimensions for your swimming-pool due to the adaptability of this material with a perfect aesthetic result.
The various presentation, liner shades and textures allow a variety of finishes limited only by the imagination.

liner textures The liner is manufactured with bleach resistant inks to help guard against fading providing for a long lasting new appearance. The liner is made also with ultra-violet inhibitors to reduce damage cause by sunlight and equipped with algae inhibitors, which aid normal sanitizers to protect liner for a long life.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us for your project with liner, we will study together your proposal and advising the best options, including different possible final configuration and we give you an obligation free quote. If you cannot find the answer to your questions on our website, please drop by our office-exposition in Avda. Valencia, n 83 (Pol.Industrial, Ctra. Nacional 332)Verger, Alicante.

We offer our services in ALICANTE and VALENCIA areas, having realized our specialized services in Gandía, Oliva, Játiva, Tavernes de la Valldigna, Alcoy, Cullera, Denia, Jávea, Moraira, Altea, Calpe, Benidorm, Vilajoyosa, Valencia, Alicante and many others.

Piscinas Sfica Tel: 690 369 054 www.piscinas-sfica.es email:sficaflorin@gmail.com

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